Are you heading in the right direction?

published25 days ago
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Howdy, Zack here.

If you're honest with yourself, what direction are you heading right now?

Is it one that you're proud of? Or do you feel off course?

How might you know? Well, consider if you can see the light of a particular path in front of you. One that directs you to your North Star. When you're veering off course, that light becomes dim.

If you're not sure what your calling in life may be, that's another discussion entirely. But, if you presently feel off-course, more action in the wrong direction won't get you where you want to go.

Sound too simple? Well, it's not. Your daily actions focused in the right direction get you to your North Star.

The best part isn't achieving your big goals. Instead, it's about enjoying your journey. When you stay on the lit path, life becomes brighter. When you veer off into the darkness, it can feel like there's no way back.

As a man of faith, a husband of 22 years, a father of teenage triplets, and a lifelong entrepreneur who's lived many ups and downs, I deeply understand the importance of staying on the right path. When you can see your North Star, you can face life's obstacles with greater clarity and peace while you learn and grow from each step forward.

How might you stay on course?


  1. Daily Alignment Check
    Start your day by asking, "What can I do today that serves my North Star?" Make this your new morning ritual.
  2. Course Correction
    When you find yourself drifting, don't beat yourself up. Acknowledge it, adjust, and steer back to your path.
  3. Celebrate the Steps
    In hindsight, you might just see that the small wins were the big ones.

Just remember:
When your daily actions are in the direction of your North Star, your journey becomes bright. 🌟


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  2. Linea Mini — Become your neighborhood barista this winter.
  3. Grandma Ruth's Fave Fruitcake — The only fruitcake you'll ever love.

Until next Wednesday, keep your eyes on your North Star, and let it light your way.

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