♥️ Embrace Grace

Howdy, Zack here.

Grace is freely given by God to each of us, yet we often withhold it from ourselves and others.

Consider your day yesterday—were there moments where having more grace could have made a positive difference? I can recall several moments from my own day: being quick to judge, lacking patience, not listening attentively, and sometimes telling rather than asking.

As Edgar H. Schein eloquently states in his book, "Humble Inquiry": "What we choose to ask, when we ask, what our underlying attitude is as we ask—all are key to relationship building, to communication, and to task performance." This book, recommended to me years ago by my friend and mentor, Don Pierro, shed light on my need for growth in 'Humble Inquiry'. Reflecting on it now, I see how integral grace is to this process.

Grace is a gift to you and others around you. Consider...


  • Have Grace For Yourself
    Some are good at giving grace to others but fail to give themselves grace. We all mess up. None of us are perfect. When we have grace for ourselves, we can live fully into the day in front of us versus carrying the weight of the days behind us.
  • Show Grace to Those Around You
    Our peers, family, neighbors, and the random people who frustrate us in traffic need more grace, just like we do. How about the next time someone offends us or cuts us off, we switch our first reaction to one of grace?
  • Receive God's Grace in Your Life
    It's there for the taking, yet we often have blinders on, worrying about tomorrow when God's already given us a better way. As Christians, we believe we are saved by faith through grace, which cannot be earned, instead, it's freely given.

Just remember:
Choosing grace as your initial response benefits both you and those around you. For Christians, grace serves as a bridge to God, enriching each day with beauty and joy rather than burden and frustration. Embrace the power to choose grace for yourself and others. 😌


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Until next Wednesday, choose grace.

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