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Have You Asked for Help?

Published about 1 month ago • 1 min read

Howdy, Zack here.

Could I ask you for a little favor?

I started writing How We Scale because most newsletters I received were too long or too short, written by AI, or just not worth my time. Yet, I've loved a handful of, let's call them, 'craft' newsletters or letters.

I figured there were others out there like me. So I decided to put my pen, rather keyboard, to the test and start writing — that was 35 letters ago. I know my writing isn't perfect. But I hope it's a good sign that you're still here.

Here's my request of you:
If you enjoy getting my letter and Jenna's weekly sketch in How We Scale, would you share it?

We don't advertise. So, without you, How We Scale doesn't scale.

This letter isn't just about my request for your help. If you provide value to your customers, when was the last time you asked for help, a recommendation, or a referral? It might be time. And you may be pleasantly surprised with the results.

Here's how you can help Jenna and me today:


  • Share Your Favorite 'How We Scale' Letter
    Head to and find your favorite letter to date. Grab the link and share it!
  • Post Your Favorite 'How We Scale' Sketch
    Visit to grab the link from your favorite letter's sketch and share it.
  • Share Your Story On Our Wall of Love
    Has a spark from reading How We Scale led to a positive change in your life or work? Share your story with us.
Just remember:
If you haven't asked your customers, your readers, or your audience to help you, you may be missing out on giving them the chance to share a little love in return. It's worth the ask, so I'm asking you. A heartfelt thanks in advance! 🥰


  1. 🥕 Most Xcellent — Rich's Organic Juice is a life-giver for me.
  2. 🏫 Niche — Can't believe I'm helping our triplets scout out colleges already!
  3. 🚗 CarGurus — Love the 'Deal' meter. My son is looking for an old Jeep CJ.

Until next Wednesday, consider a way to ask for help. I'd love to hear how it works for you!

How We Scale

Written by Zack Swire. Illustrated by Jenna Brown.

Gain the lessons and hard-fought wins that help my clients go from Stuck to Scaling, earning Millions more & becoming Best Places to Work. No AI, just stories from my journey as an entrepreneur, executive coach, and dad of triplets + Jenna brings our key takeaway to life in a simple sketch. Grab a cup of joe and join us!

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