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How Do You Want to Be Remembered?

Published 4 months ago • 1 min read

Howdy, Zack here.

What the world needs a little more of... is kindness.

You know what kindness is — it's that unexpected moment of warmth from someone that seems to come at just the right time.

Kindness isn't just about how we treat others but also how we treat ourselves.

What's incredibly neat about kindness is that it's easy to give. A small comment or even just a smile can make a world of difference. Yet, the hustle and heaviness of the world seem to be a block for basic acts of kindness — leaving us impatient, short-tempered, saying off-comments, and giving sideways glances.

My wife's Grandma Dottie was the local librarian in town. She exuded kindness so much that even today, years after her passing and decades after she retired, people in the community still comment about how she made them feel and how they valued her.

How do you want to be remembered? As someone who always made others feel insignificant? As someone who was always right but perhaps not kind in expressing it? As someone who was just plain busy and had no time for niceties?

Or would you rather be remembered as the person who made others feel better about themselves?

How might you grow in kindness?


  1. Kind Thoughts
    Take a moment to jot down what you appreciate about yourself.
  2. Kind Words
    Give an encouraging word to someone today. Notice their reaction as you do.
  3. Kind Deeds
    Help someone out with no expectation of anything in return.

Just remember:
A little kindness goes a long way. Start with yourself and make it a daily practice. 😊


  1. Fall Flannels — Cozy and comfortable style for the entire fam this fall.
  2. Pecan Pie — Nothing quite like hot homemade pecan pie w/ a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream.
  3. Pour Over Perfection — Craft your own mug of happiness each morning.

Until next Wednesday, be the cup that overflows, creating smiles everywhere you go.

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