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Is Your Business Bloated? A Quick BizMI Health Check

Published about 2 months ago • 1 min read

Howdy, Zack here.

Ever heard of your Business Mass Index (BizMI)?

No, it's not about your weight—it's about the health of your business, similar to how Body Mass Index (BMI) measures personal health. We all know a healthy BMI can mean a longer, healthier life, free from diseases. Similarly, a balanced BizMI is crucial for a thriving, efficient business. But what exactly is BizMI, and why should you care? BTW, I made up the term.

Imagine BizMI as a measure of your business's structural and operational efficiencies. Just like BMI considers height and weight, BizMI looks at your organizational structure, the efficiency of your business processes, and the health of your team dynamics. When out of balance, your business might suffer from operational inefficiencies, misplaced talent, and lost profits.

I've experienced out-of-range BMIs on both fronts, and I didn't like the results. Last year, I took on the 75 HARD challenge with my family and brought my personal BMI back in range. Professionally, I coach teams on building stronger Business Operating Systems because I've seen firsthand the benefits of being 'in-range' on your BizMI—businesses going from super high turnover to winning Best Places to Work, doubling industry profit margins, and achieving their visions.

So, what does an "in-range" BizMI look like? It means having a lean, adaptable organizational structure, a strong Business Operating System (BOS), and a team aligned with your company's core values and goals.

Here's how to ensure your BizMI is in the healthy range:


  • Audit Your Organizational Structure
    Start without names. Map out your ideal structure for the present and one year ahead. Does your current setup match your vision? If not, it's time for a change.
  • Strengthen Your Business Operating System
    A robust BOS is the heartbeat of a healthy BizMI. Not sure where yours stands? Begin with a simple BOS Assessment to identify gaps and areas for improvement.
  • Commit and Follow Through
    Like maintaining a healthy BMI through your lifestyle (diet & exercise), improving your BizMI requires making the necessary adjustments and then committing to a better bizstyle (improving your BOS).

Just remember:
Your business's health isn't just about the bottom line—it's about creating a structure and culture that supports sustainable growth and success. A balanced BizMI can lead to improved operations, happier customers, and increased profits. 🕵️‍♀️ 💪


  1. 🫣 BMI Calculator — Know where you stand. Check your Body Mass Index and take action.
  2. 🧐 BOS Assessment — Gauge the health of your Business Operating System.
  3. 💼 1:1 Coaching — Ready to dive deeper? Let's work together to streamline your BizMI.

Until next Wednesday, take a moment to check your personal and business BMIs. If out of range, remember: you have the power to make a change. Let's not just set goals but stick to them for a healthier personal and professional future.

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