Overcome Your Giant Hurdle: Take Action Now!

Howdy, Zack here.

This Wednesday morning, I simply want to ask you a question.

Where are you stuck?

It's that hurdle you haven't been able to clear.

Let's take action on it. How about right now?


  • Write It Down
    Jot down a headline that describes how and where you're stuck.
  • Consider Your Options
    Next, add bullets for each possible option to get unstuck.
  • Pick One and Do It
    Often, go with your gut.
Just remember:
When you're stuck, it's better to take action than to remain in inaction.


  1. No 3 Faves this week. I don't want to distract you.
  2. Focus EVERY bit of your attention on overcoming your hurdle.
  3. You can do it. Just start — 5,4,3,2...

Until next Wednesday, let's get unstuck by taking decisive action.

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