Why should you go from 'me' to 'we'?

publishedabout 2 months ago
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Howdy, Zack here.

Are you a lone ranger or a team player?

Since pivoting in 2019 from running companies to coaching them, I felt the allure of going solo. At first, it felt freeing and fun. No team meetings, no consensus-building—just me and my thoughts. But soon, I realized I was missing something quite key.

It was the power of 'We' and not just 'Me'.

The four walls of my home office became my echo chamber. I was confined, not just physically but mentally. Sound familiar?

In Top Teams, we endorse eight Top Leader Mindset principles; among them, Collaboration holds a prime spot. The mantra is simple but profound: 'WE grow faster than ME.' In a collective, I can see your blind spots, and you can see mine.

We also discuss the benefits of diverse thought. Just think of the last time you were stuck. Was it easier to get unstuck by racking your brain and trying harder, or was it better to gain the perspective of others?

My wife, Gwen, and I see this concept play out often. The other day, one of our 11th-grade triplets wrestled with a tricky math problem. A gentle reminder that they have two siblings in the same course led to a quick collective 'aha' moment.

On a professional note, I run two collaborative ventures: Top Coach, a private community for business coaches, and Top Teams, a coached Business Operating System company. I'm also a part of a Coach Cohort where four of us meet weekly to support each other on a deeper and more trusted level.

So, though I might operate under the title of a 'solopreneur,' there's nothing 'solo' about my journey anymore.

How can you gain the collective power of 'We'?


  • Break Out of Your Bubble
    Join a peer group that supports you and challenges you in healthy ways.
  • Create a Cohort
    Build your own private group with 3 to 5 others and set a meeting cadence that you stick with.
  • Give as Much as You Get
    Pour as much, if not more, into the group or cohort as you get out of it. You'll reap the benefits in kind.

Just remember:
Collaboration is key as WE grow faster than just me. 😁😊😆


  1. Munch — AI that grabs your most impactful clips from long-form video.
  2. Circle — The platform I use for both of my professional communities.
  3. Lunchclub — Use my private invite link to join me for 1:1 networking.

Until next Wednesday, find or create a group so you can go from Me to We. 👩🏼‍🦱👨🏾‍🦳👱🏻‍♂️🧑🏻

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